All Hands on Deck: Forgotten Great Lakes Shipwrecks


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By Wes Oleszewski

Exploring the history of the ships of the Great Lakes and the people who worked with them, “All Hands on Deck” will take you from the 1830’s to 2010. In between you will meet people who have been long forgotten and travel along on their adventures. You will also meet some who are alive and well and you will see their stories unfold. From the old wooden shipwreck left nearly forgotten on the bottom of the lakes to the newborn “Lady of the Lakes” this book will introduce you to the often over-looked events in Great Lakes history. If you are near the lakes and reading this book you will find yourself gazing out across the waters of the Great Lakes and saying “Amazing… that all happened right out there.” If you are away from the lakes the book will compel you to go to the water’s edge and picture those lost adventures in history All of the stories found here are true with no embellishment added- because none is needed.