Ghost Stories of Michigan


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By Dan Asfar

Amid the beauty of Michigan’s  lakes and forested hills lurk spine-tingling stories of the supernatural. These tales of fright-filled folklore span the length and breadth of the Great Lakes State:

  • the Red Dwarf, a hideous harbinger of doom, continues to be sighted in Detroit whenever tragedy visits
  • a cantankerous ghost hampers renovations of an old farmhouse in Gladwin
  • mysterious growls and barks haunt Dog Lady Island in east Monroe, where long ago a solitary woman began her legendary metamorphosis into canine monstrosity
  • a restaurateur near Bailey is comforted by the ghost of her friend, the restaurant’s first owner
  • a ghostly light glows outside the town of Paulding in Northern Michigan
  • a shimmering apparition of a woman in white distracts motorists on the Bad Curve outside Ganong Cemetery in Westland
  • a woman in Leonard is urged by a benevolent spirit or guardian angel to get a medical checkup that ultimately saves her life
  • in the majestic Calumet Theatre, the spirit of a legendary Shakespearean thespian helps forgetful actresses deliver their lines
  • the spirits of the first keepers of the White River Lighthouse continue to help with the upkeep of their former residence.


Ghost Stories of Michigan also features accounts of the investigations of Michigan’s premier paranormal societies as these researchers delve into the mysteries of cemeteries and haunted houses across the state.  From mischievous manifestations to grisly ghosts of vengeance, eerie apparitions arise in Battle Creek, Maple Rapids, Linden, Bay City, Belleville, Livonia, Mackinac Island, Mason, Novi and more.