True Tales of Ghosts & Gales


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By Wes Oleszewski

Across the history of the Great Lakes there has been many a stormy night when the time has been right for telling a tale about a ghost or gale. In every telling of such a tale it is claimed that the story is true or the ghost is real. Within the pages of this book we will trace those true and sometimes ghostly tales and find out about the people and vessels involved. Along the way we will discover long lost shipwrecks and experience deadly gales. From the bones of a forgotten vessel that at this moment rests, hidden, in the heart of a major city, to the ghostly captain who appeared to his granddaughter on a stormy night in 1869, these are the stories that have been overlooked by other researchers.

Although this book is safe reading for young and old alike, you may not want to read it when you are alone on a stormy night or prior to taking a private stroll on the beach. You may find that many of the stories told took place near where you are and the same lost mariners who haunt these pages also haunt the sand upon which you are walking or the waters that you have been admiring. This is actual history that will creep up behind you and touch the back of your neck with a cold ghostly finger.